Teacher (Lama) - Padma Karpo
(item no. 362)


1600 - 1699

Drukpa (Kagyu) and Kagyu Lineages

67.31x50.17cm (26.50x19.75in)

Ground Mineral Pigment on Cotton

Collection of Rubin Museum of Art

(acc.# P1996.20.10)

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Padma Karpo and the Drugpa Kagyu Tradition lineage of teachers.

At the bottom left is an unidentified donor figure accompanied by two attendants. At the right side is the protector deity Mahakala, blue-black in colour, with one face and four hands, surrounded by orange and red flames.

Jeff Watt 4-2012

Numbered List:
Central Figure. Pema Karpo
1. Vajradhara
2. Vajrapani
3. Tilopa Bhadra
4. Jetsun Naropa
5. Marpa Chokyi Lodro
6. Naljor Wangchug Mila
7. Gyalse Da Od Shonnu (Gampopa)
8. Desheg Pagmodrubpa
9. Drubchen Lingchen Repa
10. Drogon Tsangpa Chen
11. Onre Dharma Sengge
12. Choje Shonnu Sengge
13. Jangsem Nyima Sengge
14. Gyalse Sengge Sherab
15. Sengge Rinchen
16. (Tendzin Yeshe Gyalpo)
17. Jamyang Kunga Sengge
18. Dorje Rinchen
19. Jamyang Lodro Sengge
20. Druchen Sengge
21. Khyentse Togden
22. Drubchen Lodro Chogden
23. Jamyang Yeshe Rinchen
24. (Drinchen Sherab Zangpo)
25. Trulzhig Namka'i Naljor
26. (Tsungme Dorje Wang Choje)
27. (Yang Chokyi Gyalpo)
28. unidentified
29. Kunpang Sherab Gyatso
30. Ngag Wangchug
31. Donor Figure (unidentified)
32. Chaturbhuja Mahakala

Front of Painting
English Translation of Inscription: [Name inscriptions for most figures]

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Thematic Set
Collection of Rubin Museum of Art: Painting Gallery VII
Painting Set: Rechung Nyan Gyu Lineage
Tibet: Painting (West Tibet)
Tradition: Drugpa Kagyu Main Page
Teacher: Padma Karpo
Subject: Lineage Composition (Greyscale)
Subject: Lineage Paintings - Alternating

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