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To Search

By Description
on the upper portion of the search page, select one or more of the available items presented; for example, you may request "All paintings, from the time period 1200-1299, with Buddha Shakyamuni as the Central Figure".

Note: a description search, without any specified criteria, will result in a list of the entire collection, ordered sequentially, by painting number.

By Painting Number
simply enter the painting number and click the adjacent 'Search' button.

By Painting Set
select the painting set name and click the adjacent 'Search' button.

By Keyword
type in any keyword and click the adjacent 'Search' button. All painting descriptions that contain the typed word will appear in the result list.

To View Large Images ("Take a closer look")

Each image on the site can be magnified to show extremely fine detail.

Beneath the picture on the image page, choose either the Java or Non-Java image viewer. (See "Which Viewer Should You Use" at the bottom of this page.)


The Controls
Both viewers use the same controls:

click on the IMAGE itself to zoom in on a specific location

click + to zoom toward the center
click - to zoom back out
click UP/DOWN arrow to move toward the top/bottom
click LEFT/RIGHT arrow to move toward the left/right
click RESET to return to the original, full-image view

click SMALL box to make the image smaller
click BIG box to make the image larger
click RESET to return to the default image size


Which Viewer Should You Use?

With a fast computer this viewer allows zooming toward a specific region, not just a point: click and drag a rectangle around a portion of the image to zoom in.
Note: You cannot print from the Java viewer.

The Non-Java page is compatible with most browsers, old and new, it loads pictures more quickly than the Java version. Use the Non-Java viewer for printable images.