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Dragons: Deities & Decorative Elements Page - Added

December 27, 2014 ·

A gallery page for Dragons has been added to the HAR site. Dragons appear as the mounts for some deities such as White Jambhala and Rahula. Dragons can also appear as elements of a throne, throne back (torana), or textile patterns. Dragons might also appear as figures in the backgrounds of narrative paintings.

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Animal Relationships Guide

November 23, 2008 ·

There are always many questions about animals and how they relate to different deities and symbol sets. This Animal Relationships Guide is a simple list intended to make the more common relationships clear. Also see the Animal Headed Gods & Deities and the Snakes & Serpents Outline Pages. In the set of Jataka & Avadana Stories there are a number of animal characters such as the story of how the rabbit came to be represented on the moon - A Tale of Generosity. These animals and the corresponding story titles with links will be made into a separate Animal Relationships Guide in the next couple of weeks.

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