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HAR Server Changes: Good Things Come in Threes

November 25, 2009 ·

During the past month the HAR website has made a number of necessary technical changes both in how the site serves up information and in new features.

1). HAR has changed hosting servers and upgraded to a new and improved operating system. Some visitors to the site will notice a significant change in speed. Pages will load faster and it will be easier to move from page to page. This has been especially noticable with those visitors that use Apple computers.

2). The 'New on the Site' page, sometimes called 'News,' has been re-configured and slightly re-formatted. It functions the same as before and all of the old posts have been transferred over to appear seamless with the old/new page. Those of you sitting in the front seats and paying attention will remember from recent news updates why this change had to be made. The 'News' page will now be seen and accessible to many more people than it was before.

3). 'My Gallery' is a new feature added to the HAR site during the changes of the last month. 'My Gallery' is a personal, visitor generated, collection of images placed in a custom page titled 'My Gallery.' To use this feature all that is required is for the visitor to sign-up using an e-mail address. During periods of browsing the collection and when landing on an individual object page, select the 'Add to My Gallery' link adjacent to the image. This link will automatically add the image to your 'My Gallery.' Add and remove images as often as you like. A link to 'My Gallery' is located in the left hand navigation menu on most HAR pages. The HAR Team is still field testing this new feature and would be greatful for any comments or suggestions for improvement.

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Updates, Changes & Additions

February 22, 2009 ·

The Iconography Outlines Index has been updated with all the new additions and changes. Mahamaya the Buddhist Tantric deity of 'Great Illusion' has been added along with an outline on Handprints & Footprints.

The Mongolian images from the Rinjung Lhantab of the 4th Panchen Lama are slowly being uploaded and catalogued. This is a complete illuminated text currently belonging to the Volkerkundemuseum der Universitat Zurich, Switzerland and the same subject matter as the publication Buddhist Iconography by Lokesh Chandra.

Many more outlines and thematic sets have been updated:
Iconography: Source Texts & Collections
Vajravali: Mandala & Deities

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Changes & Updates for Paintings & Sculptures

February 08, 2009 ·

From the Art Link on the HAR home page three further links appear: Painting, Sculpture and Textiles. The Painting and Sculpture Pages have been updated. A Regions Page has been added along with an updated Religious Traditions Page. The Regions and Religions links have been added to the left hand navigation menu found on most secondary pages.

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