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'My Gallery' - Create Your Own Gallery of Images

November 30, 2009 ·

'My Gallery' is a new feature added to the HAR site during the extensive back-end changes made during the month of November. 'My Gallery' is a personal, visitor generated, collection of images placed in a custom page titled 'My Gallery' - meaning your gallery. To use this feature all that is required is that you sign-up using an e-mail address. After that, during times of browsing the collection and when landing on an individual object and image page, select the 'Add to My Gallery' link adjacent to the image. This link will automatically add the image to your personal 'My Gallery.' Add and remove images as often as you like. Find the link to 'My Gallery' located in the left hand navigation menu on most HAR pages. The HAR Team is still field testing the 'My Gallery' and would be greatful for any comments or suggestions regarding the new feature or other aspects of the HAR site.

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