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Himalayan Art Number Sets - Added

February 22, 2016 ·

A page for Himalayan Art Number Sets has been added and linked to the appropriate corresponding pages.

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Protector Deities Number Sets - Added

May 20, 2014 ·

A Protector Deities Number Sets Page has been added to the Number Sets Main Page.

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Number Sets: New Outline Page, Updated & Additions

January 01, 2011 ·

The Number Sets Page has been expanded with additions and a new Number Sets Outline Page. Numerous additional sub pages have been added along with cataloguing into Traditions and various prominant subjects.


Number Sets Main Page

Number Sets Outline Page

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Resource Tools, Calendars & Number Sets

November 15, 2008 ·

The outline page for Resource Tools has been updated with new links and new sections. The Tibetan Language Section now has a Wylie Transliteration link. The Calendars Section has a Chinese Dynasty Guide and two new resources for the Tibetan Lunar Calendar: 1) Holy Days, and 2) Anniversaries. There are still more dates to add to both of these pages. The problem is in tracking down the dates and then having them confirmed. So far there are no Bon, Hindu or Newar Buddhist date entries.

The Lists Section of Resource Tools is new and has two updated items. The first, Iconography Source Texts & Examples, is only new to this outline page. The second item is an expanded and updated version of the Number Sets & Lists. Previously it had been embedded in the Index Page under the letter 'N.' It became too large for the Index and now has a dedicated page.

To accompany the new Tibetan Lunar Calendar Pages an Astrology Art Outline was created. For many of these new Outline Pages and resources numerous 'thematic set' pages were also created in the HAR database in order to contextualize the related images and subjects: for example the Sidpaho Protection Charts for the Astology Outline, The Three Small Red Ones for the Number Sets & Lists, and List of Lamdre Lineage Teachers for the Lamdre Lineage Art Sets Outline, and many, many more.

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