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Strange, Weird & Unidentified Sculpture

April 15, 2010 ·

Most of the sculpture in the HAR database are identified as to subject and origin, however some pieces defy identification. In those rare cases the objects are often not Himalayan in origin, or Tibetan, or Mongolian, etc.,  and may not be related to Tibetan Buddhism or the Bon Religion at all. Sometimes the pieces are poorly crafted, or belong to a larger composition and not understandable and identifiable unless in context with the whole.

To facilitate a greater ease for investigation some of the stranger pieces on the HAR website have been put together into a single group of images - Sculpture - Strange, Weird & Unidentified. Also related to this subject are  the links for Weird & Fantastical Gods & Deities, Animal Headed Gods & Deities along with the three groupings of images on Unidentified Subjects, Siddhas and Teachers. Please let us know if you are successful in identifying any or all of the uncatalogued images.

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