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Avalokiteshvara: Updates, New Outlines, Images & Sets

May 29, 2009 ·

The Avalokiteshvara Outline has been updated and expanded to include an Art Topics and Eleven Faced Outline. Many new sub sets have been added along with new images.

Avalokiteshvara Outline
Avalokiteshvara Art Topics
Avalokiteshvara Eleven Faces

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New Outlines, Images & Image Sets

May 25, 2009 ·

Outline Pages:
Art Subjects Outline Page (updated)
Padmasambhava Outline (updated)
Padmasambhava: Eight Forms
Padmasambhava: Meditational Forms
Ritual Objects (updated)
Parnashavari: Forest Goddess
Initiation Cards

Image Sets:
Padmasambhava: Eight Forms (Sculpture)
Padmasambhava: Medicine Buddha Form
Buddhist Worldly Protector: Rahula, Retinue Figure
Buddhist Worldly Protector: Ta'og Sengshon
Subject: Samye Monastery Paintings
Charts: Poetry & Calligraphy
Teacher: Do Kyentse Yeshe Dorje
Subject: Cityscapes, Unidentified
Initiation Cards: Rinchen Terdzo Volume NGA
Initiation Cards: Rinchen Terdzo Volume NYA
Initiation Cards: Bodong Sengdong (Simhamukha)
Initiation Cards: Jatson Sengdong (Simhamukha)
Initiation Cards: Chogling Choto Dregpa
Initiation Cards: Longsal Sengmar (Simhamukha)
Initiation Cards: Tagsham Sengmar (Simhamukha)
Initiation Cards: Nyangter Choto Dregpa
Initiation Cards: Rinchen Terdzo Master List
Initiation Cards: Peling
Buddhist Deity: Parnashavari (Yellow, Three Faces)
Buddhist Deity: Parnashavari (Blue, Four Hands)
Buddhist Deity: Parnashavari (Green, Two Hands)
Buddhist Deity: Parnashavari (Sculpture)
Ritual Object: Long Life Vase

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New Outlines & Image Sets

May 20, 2009 ·

Longchen Nyingtig Treasure Tradition Outline Page:
Images and art associated with the Longchen Nyingtig Treasure Tradition of Jigme Lingpa have been organized into a simple outline page. Many new image sets were created and a number of previously uncatalogued images have been identified during this quick study.

Cityscape & Monastery Paintings Outline Page:
More and more cityscape paintings are turning up in museum and private collections. They are interesting and maybe even fascinating. Some are more accurate than others and at least one appears to be painted from a photograph. Many are easily identified as Lhasa, Tashi Lhunpo or Samye Monastery. A few of them remain unidentified.

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New Thematic Sets on HAR

May 11, 2009 ·

Hell, Subjects and Depictions:
Hell Beings Set I
Hell Beings Miscellaneous
Wheel of Life: Bon Religion
Six Buddhas of the Six Realms
Padmasambhava: Six Realms (Peling)

Miscellaneous Subjects:
Vajrabhairava Retinue Figure
Bookcovers, Ranjana/Lantsha Script
Manuscripts, Title Page
Bon Protector: Dragpa Sengge
Vajrapani, Sculpture
Stupa: Dhanyakataka

Nyingma Painting and Initiation Card Sets:
Padmasambhava: Vaishravana Form
Twenty-one Taras of the Chogyur Lingpa Tradition, Initiation Cards
Ngar Pan Yontan Terdzo Initiation Cards
Padmasambhava: Ngar Pan Yontan Terdzo Paintings
Padmasambhava: Terma Forms & Transference Paintings
Longchen Nyingtig Painting Set
Longchen Nyingtig Field of Accumulation Paintings
Yutog Nyingtig Initiation Cards(Set II)
Karling Shitro Initiation Cards
Deling Shitro Initiation Cards
Shigling Zab Dun Initiation Cards
Lama Gongdu Initiation Cards
Jangter Tugdrub Kagye Initiation Cards
Miscellaneous Initiation Cards (Rinchen Ter Dzo, Vol TSA)

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Hell: Subjects & Depictions Outline Page

May 07, 2009 ·

A HELL Outline Page has been added to the site. It is a work in progress with more images and image sets to be linked. With luck those images will be uploaded tomorrow and more content and context added over the weekend.

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Initiation Card Sets - Updated

May 07, 2009 ·

The Initiation Card Sets page has been updated and doubled in size. There are now 35 sets of both Bon and Buddhist initiation cards with the latter being in the majority. The bulk of the sets are drawn from the Rinchen Ter Dzo collection of Revealed Treasure teachings of the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. More sets will be added over the next few months.

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European & Asian Museums Updated

May 04, 2009 ·

The lists for both the European museums and the Asian museums have been updated. There are still many more to add and some have been listed without proper links. If you can think of any that we have missed then please e-mail us and let us know so that we can add them. For Mongolia only the main museums have been added. There are, possibly, twenty-three provinces and each has a provincial museum. India has many more museums with collections of Himalayan art than what we have listed. Documenting all of the Himalayan art in the world that resides in museum collections is an enormous and ongoing project.

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