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Inverted Painting Experiment

May 31, 2010 ·

When first looking at a painting such as this - a figure wearing red robes - the mind generally wants to identify the central figure first, possibly discern the relationship with the smaller side figures and then understand the over-all visual narrative, or iconographic program. Also included in this is the religious meaning and the intention for the creation of the work, based on the donor, and its corresponding function. An analysis of the painting based on all of the above criteria falls within the realm of the intellect, intellectual analysis of the subject. This is the approach most often taken by viewers of Himalayan art paintings such as this. However, what is missed is the aesthetic qualities of the painting, the composition, the colour balance and the symmetry. A useful technique to use for looking at painted compositions, that is not distracting to the eye and mind with intellectual analysis, is to invert the image.

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Hari Hari Hari Lokeshvara Outline Page

May 17, 2010 ·

The unusual iconographic form of Avalokiteshvara known as Hari Hari Hari Lokeshvara is depicted in a peaceful form with multiple arms seated atop the Hindu god Vishnu, atop Vishnu's mount - Garuda, and further atop a lion. Three small image examples are given of which only one is currently on the HAR website. The images show differences in the hand attributes and in one example a variation in how the god Vishnu is depicted and confused with the god of eclipse - Rahula.

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Milarepa Page - Updated

May 15, 2010 ·

The Milarepa Main Page has been updated with additional images and a short illustrated biography. There are still more images being acquired from various private and institutional collections. These will also be added to the site in the next few weeks along with images of Tibetan teachers that are often confused with or similar in appearace to Milarepa.

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Tapihritsa Life Story by Lobpon Tenzin Namdak

May 14, 2010 ·

A short biography/hagiography of the Bon religious teacher Tapihritsa has been uploaded to the HAR site. The narrator of the story is Lobpon Tenzin Namdak, a senior teacher of the Bon Religion.

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Kunzang Akor Sculpture

May 04, 2010 ·

The large sculpture of Kunzang Akor, discussed in a previous post, has been added to the HAR database along with detail images.

Tags: Sculpture · Bon Religious Art

Dranpa Namkha Sculpture

May 04, 2010 ·

Additional images have been added to the database entry for the famous Menri Monastery silver Drenpa Namkha sculpture. The image has also been added to the Bon Sculpture Masterworks page.

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Sherab Chamma - a new addition

May 03, 2010 ·

This beautiful Sherab Chamma sculpture has been added to the database. Sherab Chamma is the principal female deity/goddess of the Bon Religion and can appear in many forms [see outline page]. The image here is only black and white but regardless the beauty of the piece stands out immediately. The face is quite lovely and the body proportions are very good. The image has also been added to the Sherab Chamma masterworks page.

Tags: Sculpture · Bon Religious Art