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Vajrabhairava & Jetsun Dampa in Two Paintings

July 31, 2012 ·

Two more outstanding paintings at the Winter Palace Museum are focussed on the subjects of Vajrabhairava and Jetsun Dampa. The first painting is dominated by a a large mandala in the upper half of the composition and an image of the white multi-faced, multi-armed, Sitatpatra at the bottom center. The second painting has a depiction of Vajrabhairava with consort at the center of the composition with numerous large squares containing narrative vignettes in registers at the top, sides and bottom of the painting. The secret life story and spiritual experiences of Jetsun Damapa are depicted in both paintings. Extensive explanatory inscriptions can be found on the front and back of the paintings.

1. Vajrabhairava Mandala & Sitatapatra

2. Vajrabhairava & Retinue Deities

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A Really Fascinating Milarepa Painting

July 31, 2012 ·

The Winter Palace Museum has some interesting objects and with paintings there are a couple that stand out and really command attention. One of those paintings is a life story composition of Milarepa. The entire life story is contained in the single composition. Everything about it is unusual from the artistic style to the selection of narratives depicted surrounding the central figure.

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Winter Palace Museum, Paintings - Added

July 31, 2012 ·

The full collection of paintings at the Winter Palace Museum can be difficult to see with only a few paintings out at any particular time. There are small miniature paintings, medium sized paintings, black ground, red ground and textiles. The most eye-catching painting for some visitors might be the floor to ceiling Maharakta Ganapati, framed with full brocade mounts, commissioned by the previous owner of the Winter Palace (Bogd Khan) at the turn of the century to help increase their fortunes and power.

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Winter Palace Museum, Sculpture - Added

July 31, 2012 ·

The collection of sculpture at the Winter Palace Museum is worth seeing just on its own. It can be divided into two distinct subjects. The first subject is a magnificent set of Green Tara images, accompanied originally by Marichi and Ekajati, along with the Twenty-one Taras of the Atisha Tradition. The Marichi from the set is missing from this group and resides in the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City. Approximately three of the twenty-one Tara images are missing with one recently appearing in the Sotheby's Auction House in New York in March 2011. The second group of sculpture is a miscellaneous assortment of buddhas, teachers, deities and a large portrait bronze of Zannabazar.

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Winter Palace Museum, Ulan Bator, Mongolia - Added

July 31, 2012 ·

The Winter Palace Museum in Ulan Bator, Mongolia, holds some of the most interesting and idiosyncratic objects of Mongolian Buddhist history. Most of the museums in the capital city share a wealth of Zannabazar sculpture. The Winter Palace Museum also houses paintings and personal objects of the last Jetsun Dampa who ruled Mongolia.

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Three New West Tibet Photo Galleries - Added

July 30, 2012 ·

Three new West Tibet photo galleries have been added to the site: Dungkar Caves, Piyang Caves and Tsaparang. The new photo archive is courtesy of Uranchimeg Tsultem.

See the West Tibet Main Page for a list of all cave, temple, village and fortress sites currently on HAR.

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Karpo Lhakang (White Temple) of Tsaparang (West Tibet) - Added

July 29, 2012 ·

Images of the Karpo Lhakang (White Temple) of Tsaparang have been uploaded along with the Do Zhang Temple located some miles distant. These images accompany those of the Marpo Lhakang (Red Temple) which were highlighted on the Himalayan Art Resources Facebook page July 25th - last week.

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Vasudhara Masterworks - Added

July 29, 2012 ·

A Vasudhara Masterworks Page has been added to Masterworks of Himalayan & Tibetan Art.

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Shadbhuja Mahakala Masterworks - Added

July 29, 2012 ·

Shadbhuja Mahakala (Six Armed Great Black One) has been added to the Masterworks of Himalayan & Tibetan Art Page.

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Tara of the Suryagupta Tradition - Updated

July 28, 2012 ·

The Suryagupta Tradition of Tara is best known for the set of Twenty-one Taras. It is certainly one of the earliest of the systems of Twenty-one along with the Atisha and Sadhana-samucchaya sets, followed later by the Tibetan systems of the Longchen Nyingtig and Choggyur Lingpa.

The unique iconographic feature of the Suryagupta twenty-one Taras are their individual appearances, expressions, number of faces, arms, and colour. The Twenty-one are generally practiced in the style of Kriya Tantra while the Seventeen Deity Tara is an Anuttarayoga practice with full explanations of Generation and Completion Stage Yogas.

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