Nov. 2008 - Jan. 2009

The HAR Blog site (October 2008) has worked out very well from our point of view. We have been able to update frequently and keep everybody posted on additions and changes as they happen. The Blog also posts general Himalayan art news, exhibitions, events, reviews and new publications.

There have been some minor changes in navigation on the site. The left hand margin navigation menu found on most secondary pages has been updated. The Introduction Page has more selections and information. The About Us Page is simplified and will have profiles of the HAR staff. The beginnings of a short HAR History (Part 1) has been added. The Art History and Iconography choices from the menu are still being worked on (have patience).

Probably the BIGGEST SINGLE CHANGE has been the addition of the Google Custom Search replacing the previous and original HAR search engine from 1997. Try it on the Home Page or the Search Page. Type in single or multiple words. An additional advantage with the new search is that it also finds the Outline Pages and the extensive Text Pages such as for the Blue Annals, Glossaries, Definitions, Short Essays, and the Index Pages. (No easy links in that sentence, you have to try the search for yourself).

There are now Seven Custom Glossaries on the site. The latest additions are the Animal Relationships and the Function & Relationships Guide/Glossary.

A Request For Testimonials
The HAR website is requesting, for the purposes of grant writing and fund raising, scholars, academics, and educators of all kinds to send in testimonials of support to be posted on the site. The website was created and went live in 1997. Technology has changed, hardware is more robust, and software offers many more features and benefits to the end users. The HAR website needs to look towards the future with plans for new technologies, upgrades to existing infra-structure and new user features. Please help us in moving the field forward.

Thank You.

--- Jeff Watt
Director & Chief Curator

Send testimonials to: or


From the Land of the Gods: Art of the Kathmandu Valley. Opened March 14th, 2008 and on-going through 2010. Rubin Museum of Art.

Patron and Painter: Situ Panchen and the Revival of the Encampment Style. February 6 � August 17, 2009. Rubin Museum of Art.

The Dragon's Gift, The Sacred Arts of Bhutan. February 20 � May 10, 2009, Asian Art Museumm San Francisco.

Still to come - More Murals and Site Locations in Tibet & Nepal



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