Padmasambhava - (Main Form)
(item no. 150)


1700 - 1799

Nyingma Lineage

95.25x62.23cm (37.50x24.50in)

Ground Mineral Pigment, Fine Gold Line on Cotton

Collection of Rubin Museum of Art

(acc.# P1995.17.2)

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Padmasambhava (Tibetan: pe ma jung ne. English: the One Born from a Lotus).

Pemasambhava Pema Jungne Biographical Details

Peaceful in a appearance with a smiling face he holds in the right hand a vajra scepter extended over the knee. The left hand holds a skullcup and long-life vase in the lap. A katvanga staff leans against the left shoulder. Attired in various multi-coloured garments, he wears atop the head a lotus crown adorned with a single feather at the peak. Above a moon disc and pink lotus blossom seat he is encircled by a rainbow sphere.

Outside of the boxed enclosure, arranged in rows, are 250 small wrathful forms of Black Hayagriva each with one face, two hands and the head crowned with a horse head.

Jeff Watt 9-2000

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