Initiation Cards
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1800 - 1899

Bon Lineage

Ground Mineral Pigment on Paper

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Svastika (Sanskrit Language, sva + asti, meaning auspicious) Yungdrung (Tibetan Language, meaning ever-lasting). (See other examples of the yungdrung depicted in Bon art).

In the Buddhism of the Himalayas, Tibet and Mongolia the svastika is used essentially as a decorative element. In China it is common to find a svastika outlined over the heart of a Buddha figure, painting or sculpture.

The yungdrung is the principal symbol of the Bon Religion, also known as the Yungdrung Bon, Ever-lasting Truth. Letters are sometimes added to the legs of the yungdrung which can represent the elements of nature or mental states.

Jeff Watt 3-2007

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Subject: Svastika - Yungdrung
Collection of Dolanji Monastery (Initiation Cards)
Subject: Svastika (Bon)

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