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Historically, the kingdoms of the Kathmandu Valley comprised the political, religious, and cultural entity known as Nepal. Located between India and Tibet, the Valley has been the crossroads of trans-Himalayan trade, the shared sacred site of various Himalayan religions, and the epicenter of Himalayan art production and influence. This unique position has fostered a tremendous amount of cultural and religious exchange in Kathmandu, thus establishing a living creative tradition that is one of the single most important influences in Himalayan art history.

Types of Art:
- Painting
- Sculpture
- Repousse
- Vajracharya Crown
- Book Covers & Illuminated Manuscripts
- Narrative Scrolls
- Yuan Period Art, Araniko School
- Others...

- Hindu Religion
- Buddhist Religion
- Pagpa Lokeshvara
- Rato Macchendranath
- Seto Macchendranath
- Stupa (Chaitya)
- Boudhanath Stupa
- Swayambhunath Stupa
- Araniko Stupa (Beijing)
- Kasa Malla Sculpture
- Mustang Region
- Others...

Topics & Collections:
- Newar Buddhism Quick Guide
- Dated Works
- Jucker Collection
- Patan Museum Collection
- Rubin Museum of Art Collection
- Others...

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