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Each and every Buddha is said to have their own pureland as do the Eight Great Bodhisattvas and Tara. A small number of meditational deities also have specific and unique locations associated with that specific Tantric logic system; examples are Vajrayogini and Kalachakra. There are also many physical locations in India, the Himalayas and Tibet that are considered sacred due to a natural geomantic situation or by virtue of being blessed by such notable figures as Padmasambhava or others.

Subjects & Topics:
- Body Mandalas & Sacred Sites
- Bon Sacred Mountains
- Cityscapes, Monasteries & Pilgrimage Sites
- Charnel Grounds & Cemeteries
- Coloured Mountains
- Deity Mandalas & Sacred Sites
- Five Major Sacred Places (Tibetan System)
- Four Major Pilgrimage Sites of India (Buddhist)
- Four Sacred Mountains of China
- Four Sacred Mountains of Tibet
- Geomancy Main Page
- Mountain Gods & Local Deities
- Pilgrimage Sites
- Pilgrimage Sites (Mountain)
- Pilgrimage Paintings of Holy Sites
- Pilgrimage Sites of Kathmandu Valley
- Pithas (Shakta Pithas)
- Prominent Purelands & Heavens
- Sacred Mountains
- Six Sacred Bon Mountains
- Types of Sacred Geography
- Others...

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