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Diagrammatic Art is art, primarily paintings and murals, intended to convey large amounts of highly structured and codified information to the viewer. The principal topics of Diagrammatic art are:
1. Mandalas
2. Charts, Astrological
3. Charts, Medical
4. Charts, Body Mandala
5. Charts, Yantra
6. Hands & Footprints
7. Refuge Field
8. Wheel of Life
9. Cityscape
10. Offering Paintings
11. Didactic, Miscellaneous

One of the most interesting diagrammatic works in the didactic category is a painted illustration of the Bon teachings explaining Dzogchen philosophy and training.

(Some of the topics are represented by six examples below. To view all image examples in each of the Eleven Groups select the links above).

Chart: Protective Talisman
Protective Talisman
Wheel of Life
Wheel of Life
Yama Dharmaraja (Buddhist Protector): Outer
Yama Dharmaraja (Buddhist Protector)
Miscellaneous: Landscape
Refuge Field (Buddhist): Kagyu Lineage
Refuge Field (Buddhist)
Kagyu Lineage