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The Contemporary Art page will principally highlight two types of art, (1) art in a traditional Himalayan style and its evolution and (2) contemporary art of the Himalayan regions that has grown out of Himalayan art style or departing radically from the traditional styles. This page will focus on being inclusive of all artists, schools and modern movements.

Types of Art, Regions & Schools:

Bhutanese Contemporary:

Mongolian Contemporary:
- Religious (Misc.)
- Others...

Nepalese Contemporary:
- Religious

Tibetan Contemporary:
- American Museum of Natural History (Misc. Paintings)
- American Museum of Natural History (Blue Beryl Set) Kathmandu, Romio Shrestha
- Aryadeva Life Story Drawings
- Beijing Jixiang Thangka Gallery
- Initiation Cards
- Miscellaneous Paintings
- Rubin Museum of Art (Blue Beryl Set), Lhasa
- Tsering Art School: Calendar, Dilgo Khyentse (Terma Images)
- Others...

- Tanglha Tsewang
- Pema Rinzin
- Gongkar
- Orgyan Chopel, Ta Lama
- Nyendrak
- Others...

Jeff Watt 12-2015

Item No. 1130
Teacher (Lama): Sakya Tridzin 32, Wangdu Nyingpo
Teacher (Lama)
Sakya Tridzin 32, Wangdu Nyingpo
Indian Adept (siddha): Virupa
Indian Adept (siddha)
Teacher (Lama): Yeshe Dorje (Zanabazar)
Teacher (Lama)
Yeshe Dorje (Zanabazar)
Teacher (Lama): Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche
Teacher (Lama)
Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche
Medicine Buddha
Medicine Buddha
Refuge Field (Bon)
Refuge Field (Bon)
Teacher (Lama): Tsewang Rigdzin (Bon)
Teacher (Lama)
Tsewang Rigdzin (Bon)

Item No. 65890
Shakyamuni Buddha: Shakyamuni
Shakyamuni Buddha
Teacher (Lama): Karmapa 10, Choying Dorje
Teacher (Lama)
Karmapa 10, Choying Dorje