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Collection of Tibet House Museum, New Delhi

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Tibet House was established in 1965 by the 14th Dalai Lama for the purpose of preserving the unique cultural heritage of Tibet, as well as for providing a centre for Tibetan and Buddhist studies.

For an overview of the art holdings of Tibet House see the Tibet House Quick Guide. The collection of paintings have been placed in one large gallery which also serves as the Tibet House Collection Main Page (current page).

A separate page has been created for the Miscellaneous Paintings that are not that numerous compared with the sets of paintings. The strength of the Tibet House Collection is the vast number of sets - mostly complete. There is a small Textile Gallery and a separate Sculpture Gallery and Sculpture Outline Page.

Painting Sets:
1. Arhat Set
2. Avadana Stories Set
3. 7th Dalai Lama Biography Set
4. Dalai Lama Incarnation Set
5. Longdol Lama Set
6. Mahasiddha Set
7. Padmasambhava & Mahasiddha Set
8. Panchen Lama Incarnation Set
9. Shakyamuni Buddha Life Story Set
10. Tsongkapa Life Story Set
11. Amitayus Set
12. Hands & Footprint Paintings
13. Mitra Gyatsa Mandala Painting Set
14. Miscellaneous Paintings Gallery
15. Shakyamuni Buddha & Arhat Block Print Set