The painting below is a Ngor Mandala belonging to a set of paintings depicting the forty-two mandalas of the Vajravali ritual text compiled by the Indian scholar Abhayakaragupta in the 11th century.

The set was commissioned by Ngorchen Kunga Zangpo (1382-1456) between 1430 and 1456 to commemorate the passing of one of his principal spiritual teachers, Sazang Pagpa Shonnu Lodro (1358-1412/1424). These works were completed at the Ngor Monastery, Tsang Province, Tibet, by six Newar artists from Kathmandu Valley including the known artist Wanguli and his brother. (Click the image for more information).

Padmasambhava Four Mandalas (Collection of Private)
Lukhang, Lhasa Collection of the Rubin Museum of Art



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