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(1997) Mandala: The Architecture of Enlightenment
Devoted to the multiple manifestations of the mandala throughout Asia. (The Asia Society).

(1997) The Tibetan Book of the Dead
Literature and artwork on prayer, ritual and meditation from the religious traditions of Tibet, India and Nepal.

(2002) Desire and Devotion
Art from India, Nepal, and Tibet in the John and Berthe Ford Collection. Introduction by Pratapaditya Pal.

(2003) Circle of Bliss: Buddhist Meditational Art
(Los Angeles County Museum of Art & Columbus Museum of Art)

(2003) Elements of Newar Buddhist Art: Circle of Bliss
A Review Article by Gautama V. Vajracharya. This article is a critical study of the Nepalese art and iconography discussed in the Circle of Bliss, Buddhist Meditational Art, an exhibition catalogue, by John Huntington and Dina Bangdel with the contribution of graduate students of Ohio State University, Columbus and some other scholars.

(2007) Marvels of the Malla Period
Now Through June 1, 2008. Marvels of the Malla Period: A Nepalese Renaissance 1200?1603. In this exhibition, the Museum presents masterpieces from its outstanding collection of rarely seen Malla Period art. Vibrant Buddhist ritual paintings burst with energy, a marvelous goddess coyly dances, and golden Hindu and Buddhist sculptures regally invite adoration.

(2008) From the Land of the Gods: Art of the Kathmandu Valley
March 14 - October 13, 2008. This exhibition will highlight the best Nepalese art in the Rubin Museum of Art collection.

(2008) Nepal in Black and White: Photographs by Kevin Bubriski
March 14 ? October 13, 2008. ?The realization that not only my camera but also the modern world was making ever-increasing intrusions into even the most remote areas of Nepal compelled me to document a time and way of life slipping inexorably into the past.? ? Kevin Bubriski, 1993.

A Kushan-period Sculpture from the reign of Jaya Varman, A.D. 185
By Kashinath Tamot and Ian Alsop.

A New Ceiling for the Roof of the World
Mustang: Thubchen Gompa. By Broughton Coburn.

American Himalaya Foundation. Mustang: Thubchen Gompa
A New Ceiling for the Roof of the World by Broughton Coburn.

An Early Stone Fragment from Central Nepal
A bodhisattva and a guardian figure by Thomas J. Pritzker.

The Art of Conservation
Coming out of the closet about subjectivity and contradictions in an architect's conservation practice. By Erich Theophile.

Art of Newar Buddhism
Nepal. The Huntington Photographic Archive.

Bon Religion
A survey of common art objects of the Bon religion and culture.

Book Covers
Book Covers are wooden boards, often decoratively carved and painted, serving as the top and bottom protective covers for folio manuscripts and block printed books from India to Siberia.

Buddhism in Nepal and Nepal Mandala
This is the summary of the paper presented in Newari during the 'Conference on the Buddhist Heritage of Nepal Mandal' in 1998. Dr.Naresh Man Vajracharya, Vajracharya Preservation Guthi, Kathmandu.

Buddhist Symbols
Line drawings of the most common Buddhist symbols.

Cast For Eternity
Bronze masterworks from India and the Himalayas.

Conservation & Digitalisation of Rolled Palm Leaf Manuscripts in Nepal
Naoko Takagi, Yoriko Chudo, Reiko Maeda (Members of Paper Conservators Asia Unlimited).

Conservation Notes on Some Nepalese Paintings
A report on five Nepalese paintings which have undergone conservation by Mary Shepherd Slusser.

The Creatures of the Rain Rivers, Cloud Lakes
The Creatures of the Rain Rivers, Cloud Lakes: Newars Saw Them, So Did Ancient India by Gautama V. Vajracharya. The magnificent works of the Newar artists and architects of the Kathmandu valley include not only paintings, sculptures, residential houses, public building and royal palaces but also water fountains comfortably positioned in public places near the residential area or inside the palaces.

The Dancing Monks of Tengboche
Every year, in the Khumbu region of Nepal, this Buddhist Dance Drama is enacted by the monks of Tengboche Monastery.

Demons and Deities: Masks of the Himalayas
Part I: Tribal and Shamanic masks. Part II: The Spread of Buddhism. By Thomas Murray. Photography by Don Tuttle.

Digital Himalaya
A pilot project to develop digital collection, storage, and distribution strategies for multimedia anthropological information from the Himalayan region.

Elements of Newar Buddhist Art
By Gautama V. Vajracharya.

Famous Architectural Designs of Nepal
Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal is the storehouse of Nepali arts and architecture.

Garuda: The King of Birds
The Garuda is famous as the vehicle/companion of the Hindu god Vishnu, however the Garuda is also found in Buddhism and the Bon religion.

Himalayan Art Resources
The mission of Himalayan Art Resources website is to create a comprehensive research database, a virtual museum, of Himalayan and Tibetan art.

Hindu Gods & Deities
The Hindu gods, male and female and other subjects commonly found in Himalayan art.

Hindu Religion
The important Hindu subjects represented in Himalayan art: painting, sculpture, ritual objects and illuminations.

Hinduism and Hindu Art
Metropolitan Museum of Art Essay Topics.

Huntington Archive Quick Guide
The John C. and Susan L. Huntington Photographic Archive of Buddhist and Related Art contains nearly 300,000 original color slides and black and white and color photographs of art and architecture throughout Asia. Countries covered in the collection include India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar (Burma), China, and Japan.

The Iconography of Nepalese Buddhism
A publication authoured by Min Bahadur Shakya.

The John C. & Susan L.Huntington Archive of Buddhist and Related Art
A photographic research and teaching archive.

Kathmandu City Map: Panoramic and Interactive
Guaranteed to entertain.

Kathmandu University Department of Music
A Short Introduction by Gert-Matthias Wegner.

Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust
The purpose of the KVPT is to safeguard the extraordinary and threatened architectural heritage of Nepal.

Kings: Buddhist, Hindu & Bon
Kings are an important subject type found in painting and sculpture of Himalayan art. Depicted as royal figures, Kings wear turban-like crowns, layered in sumptuous robes and boots, and sit on lavish decorative thrones.

Kuber Singh Shakya
A Master Craftsman of Nepal. By Mary Shepherd Slusser and James A. Giambrone.

Licchavi Caityas of Nepal
A Solution to the Empty Niche by Ian Alsop

Licchavi Caityas of Nepal: A Solution to the Empty Niche by Ian Alsop
Among the curious puzzles of early Nepalese sculpture and architecture are the empty niches of the lovely Licchavi stone caityas that dot the Kathmandu valley.

Lost and Stolen Images: Nepal
The Huntington Photographic Archive.

Lotus Research Centre, (LRC) Nepal
Lotus Research Centre (LRC) is a non-profit, non-government and government registered organization dedicated to the cause of preserving and promoting Buddhist culture through research and studies with a view to contributing to the quality of life of all Buddhists in Nepal.

Mahasiddhas are great accomplished ones, or great [spiritually] accomplished ones, also known as Indian adepts, the principal Indian teachers of Hindu and Buddhist Tantra, or any great religious teacher that is credited with having special attainments and powers.

The Mandalas of Lo Jampa Lhakhang
A major repository of Tibeto-Newar art.

Map of Nepal & Kathmandu Valley
Showing the main towns and the two stupas of Boudhnath and Swaymbhu.

The Metal Sculpture of the Khasa Mallas of West Nepal/ West Tibet
By Ian Alsop

A survey of popular Nepalese art types and subjects, primarily of the Kathmandu Valley.

Nepal Locations Quick Guide (Huntington Archive)
Place names primarily in the Kathmandu Valley with links to the art found at those locations.

The Nepal-German Manuscript Preservation Project
The Project (NGMPP) was established to preserve Nepal's extraordinary wealth of old manuscripts and historical documents on microfilm.

Nepal: An Overview
UC Berkeley Library. South Asia Bibliographies. Nepal: an overview.

Nepal: Art of Nepal
A navigation aid for locating all Nepalese art on the HAR website; categorized by medium, type and time periods.

Nepal: Patan Museum
Displaying the traditional sacred art of Nepal.

Nepalese Inscriptions in the Rubin Collection
Paubha inscriptions on paintings in the Rubin Museum of Art collection.

Nepalese Painting
Metropolitan Museum of Art Essay Topics.

Nepalese Sculpture
Metropolitan Museum of Art Essay Topics.

Newar Buddhism Quick Guide (Huntington Archive)
The Art of Newar Buddhism, Nepal, is quick outline for easily accessing the thousands of catalogued images in the Huntington Archive - the best visual resource on the Web.

Peace of Mind
Sculpture: the wonderful history of art from India, the Himalayan regions and South East Asia is represented by the rich cultural heritage of their sculptures.

Phagpa Lokes'vara of the Potala
Sculpture: a form of Avalokites'vara of a type that has long puzzled historians of Himalayan art by Ian Alsop.

Photovalet (Nepal)
Images of Cities/Architecture: Nepal, Images by Wernher Krutein, Steven Felsch, Scott Jordan, Assaf Reznik and Photovault.

Recognizing the Gods
Metropolitan Museum of Art Essay Topics.

Soma, Offertory and Elixer by Francois Pannier
This article appeared in number 4 of KAOS - PARCOURS DES MONDES, 2004 translated by David Hunter from the French.

Tashi Kabum
A cave temple associated with Luri Gompa in Upper Mustang, Nepal, by Gary McCue.

Tashi Kabum: A Cave Temple Associated with Luri Gompa in Upper Mustang, Nepal
By Gary McCue.

Tashi Kabum: A Cave Temple associated with Luri Gompa in Upper Mustang, Nepal
By Gary McCue. The Tashi Kabum site consists of a half dozen caves dug into the ridge side about 50m above the valley floor. The sgo-nyer explained that according to local legend there are seven (or nine) cave temples containing chortens.

Tibetan Buddhist Wall Paintings of Mustang
A photographic survey of the wall paintings of three gompas or monastery-temples of Mustang, an ethnically and culturally Tibetan district in northwestern Nepal, on the edge of the Tibetan plateau. By Philip and Marcia R. Lieberman.

To See the Buddha
An analysis of the various chracteristics of the Buddha form.

Trance Dancers of the Goddess Durga
By Hamid Sardar.

Tsering Art School (Shechen Institute)
For the preservation and continuation of authentic Tibetan Buddhist Art. Shechen Monastery.

Vasudhara: Buddhist Wealth Deity
A look at the many different forms and appearances of the wealth deity Vasudhara, two arms, six arms, yellow or red in colour.

West meets East: Making a Murti in Kathmandu
By Karla Refojo.

World Heritage Sites of Nepal
Incredible for its size, Nepal contains four World Heritage sites: two cultural and two natural heritage sites.

World Wide Web Virtual Library - Nepal