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      Museums (Europe)

*Museums & Institutions (Outline Page)
A listing of all the museums and institutions represented on the HAR web site.

Austria: Museum of Applied Arts (MAK)

Austria: Museum of Ethnology, Vienna
The museum has a collection of 20,000 objects from the region of South/Southeast Asia and the Himalayan countries.

Belgium: Ethnographic Museum, Antwerp
A collection of unknown size.

Belgium: Musees Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire
Over six hundred objects from Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia and China.

Czech Republic: Naprstek Museum, Prague
Over 1,500 objects from Tibet and Mongolia.

Czech Republic: Narodni Museum, Prague

Czech Republic: National Gallery in Prague

England: The Ashmolean Museum
A small but very interesting Tibetan collection in Oxford, England.

England: The British Museum
Although famous for their collection of Indian stone sculpture, they also have a very large collection of Himalayan style painting and metal sculpture.

England: Royal Geographical Society
A small number of sculpture and maps.

England: Victoria & Albert Museum
They have a large Indian and Himalayan art collection with much of the Tibetan material on display.

France: Musee Cernuschi
Paris, France.

France: The Musee Guimet
Housing a very large and fine collection of paintings and sculpture. Paris, France.

Germany: Voelkerkunde Museum

Germany: Ethnological Museum
S.M.B. Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Germany.

Germany: Museum of Asian Art
S.M.B. Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Germany.

Germany: Staatliches Museum fur Volkerkunde Munchen
Munich State Museum of Ethnology, with a fine collection of paintings and sculpture. Munich, Germany.

Germany: Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
A collection of illuminated manuscripts. Berlin, Germany.

Hungary: Ferenc Hopp Museum
Tibetan and Nepalese (approximately 250 pieces), and Mongolian art (approximately 800 pieces).

Italy: Museo Nazionale d' Arte Orientale
They house a large collection of Tibetan paintings most of which were published in Tibetan Painted Scrolls. (See images on the HAR website).

Italy: Museo Nazionale di Antropologia ed Etnologia

Netherlands: Museum Volkenkunde
A collection of Tibetan, Nepalese and Mongolian art. Leiden, Netherlands.

Netherlands: Rijks Museum
A collection of unknown size. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Russia: Historical Museum of Buryat
Over one hundred paintings and textiles. (See images on the HAR website).

Russia: Oriental Art Museum in Moscow
A mixed assortment of Himalayan art along with modern paintings by Roerich. (No Url available)

Russia: The State Hermitage Museum
The Hermitage boasts one of the finest collections of Tibetan art in the world. St> Petersburg, Russia.

Sweden: Museum of Ethnography
Housing the Sven Hedin collection, objects and papers, the museum also has a complete set of 19 Milarepa life story paintings.

Switzerland: Ethnographic Museum of the University of Zurich
With a collection that includes ritual objects, initiation cards, paintings and sculpture.

Switzerland: Museum der Kulturen, Basel
The collection of Tibetan art assembled by Hamburg theological scholar and gallery-owner Gerd-Wolfgang Essen comprises over 750 items and is one of the most famous in the world. (See images on the HAR website).

Switzerland: Museum Rietberg Zurich
Housing the Berti Aschmann collection of Tibetan, Nepalese and Chinese metal sculpture along with a few paintings.

Switzerland: Tibet Museum, Gruyeres
In April 2009, the Alain Bordier Foundation opened the Tibet Museum in the heart of the medieval town of Gruyeres in the French speaking part of Switzerland. (Approximately 300 objects).