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*Museums & Institutions (Outline Page)
A listing of all the museums and institutions represented on the HAR web site.

Alexandra David-Neel Cultural Centre
the Alexandra David-Neel Cultural Centre for Franco-Tibetans Cultural Exchanges.

Asian Art
The premier online journal for the study and exhibition of the arts of Asia.

Asian Classics Input Project
Release IV, A Thousand Books of Wisdom.

An international institute of Tibetan studies. Charlottesville, Virginia.

Digital Himalaya
A pilot project to develop digital collection, storage, and distribution strategies for multimedia anthropological information from the Himalayan region.

Diploma in Asian Art: The British Museum
The British Museum has decided to launch a new diploma in Asian Art

HAR Site Map (black & white)
A black and white site map for those that like simplicity.

HAR Site Map (colour)
A colour site map for those that like colour.

Institute of Tibetan Classics
Dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of classical Tibetan thought and culture.

International Dunhuang Project
IDP is a ground-breaking international collaboration to make more than 100,000 manuscripts, paintings and artefacts from Dunhuang and other Silk Road sites freely available on the Internet with top quality colour images.

Kham Aid Foundation
Conservation of Art and Architecture.

The Library of Tibetan Works and Archives
The LTWA is one of the most important institutions in the world dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of Tibetan culture.

Lotus Research Centre, (LRC) Nepal
Lotus Research Centre (LRC) is a non-profit, non-government and government registered organization dedicated to the cause of preserving and promoting Buddhist culture through research and studies with a view to contributing to the quality of life of all Buddhists in Nepal.

Mechak Center for Contemporary Tibetan Art
A non-profit group working to increase the awareness of contemporary Tibetan art and the artists working around the world.

Norbulingka Institute
Preserving Tibetan Culture: painting, handicrafts, publications, etc.

The magazine for collectors and connoiseurs of Asian art.

The Samantabhadra Collection
The Tibetan and Himalayan Digital Library (University of Virginia).

Shalu Association
To help protect the Cultural Heritage of Tibet and restore important sites.

The Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation
Himalayan Art Grants 2001-2002

TBRC Quick Guide
Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center.

THDL Quick Guide
Tibetan Himalayan Digital Library. A Quick Guide highlighting art topics and image galleries.

Tibet Site Seminar
The Tibet Site Seminar is a four-year project culminating in a one-month site-seminar in central and western Tibet scheduled for the summer of 2007. By targeting the recent opening of Tibet and by building collaboration between disciplines, the seminar will offer unprecedented research opportunities to a new generation of Ph.D. students. Aimed at furthering the development of art history and Buddhist studies, the Tibet Site Seminar brings together faculty from east and west in an interdisciplinary and collaborative effort.

The Tibetan and Himalayan Digital Project
The Tibetan and Himalayan Digital Library is an international community using web-based technologies to integrate diverse knowledge about Tibet and the Himalayas for free access from around the world.

Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center
Dedicated to creating and maintaining a digital archive of Tibetan literature.

Tibetan Heritage Fund & Lhasa Archive Project
Supervising the restoration of ancient Tibetan buildings.

Tsering Art School (Shechen Institute)
For the preservation and continuation of authentic Tibetan Buddhist Art. Shechen Monastery.