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      Museums (Asia)

*Museums & Institutions (Outline Page)
A listing of all the museums and institutions represented on the HAR web site.

Beijing, China (Outline Page)
Himalayan art, Museums, and a white marble Bodhgaya temple along with other art things to see in Beijing.

Bhutan: National Museum

China: Capital Museum, Beijing
The only Himalayan and Tibetan objects on display are metal sculpture. It is likely that the museum also houses paintings and ritual objects. (See images on the HAR website).

China: Lhasa Tibet History Museum
the first large-sized comprehensive modern museum in the Tibet Autonomous Region; it is a brilliant literary and arts palace of the Tibetan people, a gem of Tibetan civilization and a treasure house of Tibetan cultural relics.

China: Palace Museum, Beijing

China: Shanghai Museum
See images on the HAR website.

India: Library of Tibetan Works & Archives Museum, Dharamsala

India: Menri Monastery Museum
The Bon Museum, the only one in the world, is located on the 3rd floor of the new library building adjacent to the monastic complex.

India: National Museum, New Delhi
See images on the HAR website.

India: Sri Pratap Singh Museum
Srinagar, India.

India: Tibet House Museum, New Delhi (Quick Guide)
A quick reference to all paintings, sculpture and ritual objects in the Tibet House Museum, New Delhi, India.

Korea: Daewon-sa Tibetan Museum
"The Little Tibet in Korea, Daewon-Sa Tibetan Museum. Tibetan Museum is built to introduce spiritual culture and art and to activate the spiritual exchange between Korea and Tibet. The museum is built in the Tibetan Temple style."

Korea: Hwajeong Museum
A museum of primarily Tibetan paintings collected by Dr.Hahn.

Korea: National Museum of Korea

Mongolia National Fine Arts Museum (Quick Guide)
A quick reference to all painting, sculpture, and galleries at the Mongolia National Fine Arts Museum.

Mongolia: The Bogd Khaan Winter Palace Museum

Mongolia: The Choijin Lama Museum
An old turn of the century Temple dedicated to the Nechung Protector and now converted to a museum. (See images).

Mongolia: Erdene-Zuu Monastery Museum

Mongolia: Museum of Natural History, Ulan Bator

Mongolia: National Museum of Mongolian History

Mongolia: Zanabazar Museum of Fine Art
The Mongolian National Fine Arts Museum, Ulaanbaatar. Quick Guide Outline.

Nepal: Patan Museum
Displaying the traditional sacred art of Nepal.

Taiwan: Mongolian & Tibetan Cultural Center (Taipei)
A collection of Tibetan and Mongolian art and artifacts on permanent display.

Taiwan: National Palace Museum
Paintings and sculpture. Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China.