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A New Ceiling for the Roof of the World
Mustang: Thubchen Gompa. By Broughton Coburn.

The Art of Conservation
Coming out of the closet about subjectivity and contradictions in an architect's conservation practice. By Erich Theophile.

Caring For Thangkas
An online exhibit at the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco.

China Exploration & Research Society (CERS) and Kham Aid Foundation

Conservation & Digitalisation of Rolled Palm Leaf Manuscripts in Nepal
Naoko Takagi, Yoriko Chudo, Reiko Maeda (Members of Paper Conservators Asia Unlimited).

Conservation Notes on Some Nepalese Paintings
A report on five Nepalese paintings which have undergone conservation by Mary Shepherd Slusser.

The Conservation of Tibetan Thangkas
A group of five symposium papers.

Conserving Tibetan Art and Architecture
China Exploration & Research Society (CERS) and Kham Aid Foundation.

CT Scans in Art Work Appraisal
This article was previously published in Art Tribal, Winter 2003, n?4, p.116-131.

Densatil Project (gDan-sa-mthil)
The project seeks to prepare a publication and an exhibition aiming to reassemble the destroyed monuments of the famous Densatil monastery.

Drathang Monastery
(Restoration project)

Gongkar Chode Monastery
(Restoration project)

Intent, In Tents and Intense
Thangkas are composite objects produced by painters and tailors with differing intents, by Ann Shaftel.

Karsha's Chuchikjyal Temple
Stabilizing the structure of the temple in Karsha, Zangskar, by Rob Linrothe.

Kham Aid Foundation
Conservation of Art and Architecture.

Lost Treasures of Tibet
A crack restoration team tries to prevent medieval Buddhist murals from crumbling into dust. Click here to watch a related video on google.

The Lukhang Temple
(Restoration project)

The Murals of Baiya Monastery
A mixture of stylistic influences from within and outside Tibet by Jonathan S. Bell.

Murals of Tibet
Murals are the heart and breath of Tibetan painting and serve as an anchor for the study of Himalayan and Tibetan Art History.

The NAKO Research and Preservation Project
The Buddhist temple of Nako in Himachal Pradesh, is listed as one of the 100 world's most endangered sites. The NAKO Research and Preservation Project has taken up the challenges of preserving this early Buddhist architecture including its wall paintings.

Namseling Manor
(Restoration project)

Palpung Mural Rescue
by Pamela Logan. China Exploration & Research Society and Kham Aid Foundation.

Rithang Monastery
(Restoration project)

Sekhar Guthok
(Milarepa's Tower - restoration project)

Separation Anxiety
The conservation of a 5th century Buddhist Gandharan Manuscript by Susan Sayre Batton.

Shalu Association
To help protect the Cultural Heritage of Tibet and restore important sites.

Shalu Monastery
(Restoration project)

Tashi Kabum: A Cave Temple Associated with Luri Gompa in Upper Mustang, Nepal
By Gary McCue.

Thangka Restoration and Conservation
by Marion Boyer Jean Michel Terrier.

Tibetan Heritage Fund & Lhasa Archive Project
Supervising the restoration of ancient Tibetan buildings.

Tsondru Thangka Conservation
Ann Shaftel, Conservator.

Yemar Temple
(Restoration project)