Newsletter February-April 2008

image Gyantse Kumbum, Tibet


Private Collection XI
(Paintings & Sculpture)

Ariana Maki Photo Archive
(Murals & Temples in Tibet)

Choying Dorje Paintings (Shakyamuni Life Story Set)

Eight Pronouncement Herukas (Nyingma Deities)

Karma Kagyu Lineage Paintings (Rumtek Monastery)

Jonangpa Paintings (Eastern Tibet)

Tsering Art School Calendar (Kathmandu, 2008)

image Artist: Choying Dorje, 10th Karmapa (1604-1674)

Tibetan Arms and Armor from the Permanent Collection, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY

The Dragon's Gift: The Sacred Arts of Bhutan, Honolulu Academy of Arts

From the Land of the Gods: Art of the Kathmandu Valley, Rubin Museum of Art, NY

Nepal in Black and White, Photographs by Kevin Bubriski. Rubin Museum of Art, NY

Tibet House Repatriation Collection: Recent Acquisitions, NY

Earthly Immortals: Arhats in Tibetan Painting, Rubin Museum of Art, NY

Red, Black & Gold, Rubin Museum of Art, NY

BIG Himalayan Art! Crow Collection of Asian Art, Dallas, Texas (May 2008)



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