Recent Photographs by Michael Katz
Recent Photos of Ancient Sites

Rock drawings and Tibetan pilgrims.
Tibetan pilgrims circumnabulating holy sites.
Emanation of Simhamukha.
An enhanced image of the lion faced Dakini Simhamukka believed to be spontaneously emanated on a cave wall at Drak Yerpa, central tibet.
The Maha Siddha Padmasambhava with his consorts.
The great sage Padmasambhava with his Dakini consorts Yeshe Tsoygal and Manderava from statues on display at the Jokang in Lhasa.

Buddha Maitraya.
Photograph of the future Buddha Maitraya from a statue within the Potala in Lhasa.
Ralung monastery.
Pilgrims line up to receive the blessings of a great Lama who has made a rare visit.

Young monk.
This young monk a resident of remote Ralung monastery appears younger than his actual age of 16.
Tibetan mother and child on pilgrimage.
This weather creased mother and child were photographed as they were riding in a boat en route to Samye monastery.
Pilgrimage site of Guru Rinpoche at Pharping.
A holy site where Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche) conducted personal retreat.

rtist's Statement - Subjects which reaquaint with the power of ancient metaphors excite me. Ordinary things may evoke surprizing emotions and associations, not the least are humor and awe. Neutral things when grouped may seem to possess an inner life and movement suggestive of the intermingling of the human and spirit realms. Symmetry and organization transform mundane into supramundane. Gross materialism and conformity, seem, deadening. In contrast traditional societies still dominated by religion and child rearing burst with life. Natural expressive people offer unguarded moments conveying hope, pride, curiosity and sometimes despair with a glance. Poignant moments recorded on film create an aching to know the subjects history, but particularly their future. Immediate caring and connection melt the heart and make us feel human.