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Item: Guhyasamaja (Buddhist Deity) - Manjuvajra

གསང་བ་འདུས་པ། ནང་ལྷ། 密集金刚(佛教本尊)
(item no. 102268)
Origin Location Tibet
Date Range 1800 - 1899
Lineages Sakya and Buddhist
Collection Shechen Archives - photographs
Notes about the Central Figure

Classification: Deity

Appearance: Peaceful

Gender: Male

TBRC: bdr:W25359

Interpretation / Description

Guhyasamaja, Manjuvajra (Tibetan: sang wa du pa, jam pai dor je. English: Melodious Vajra, Secret Assembly). Bibliographic reference: Shri Vajra Hridaya Lamkara Tantra-nama, Toh 451 and No.44 in the Gyu de Kuntu set of mandalas.

"...Manjuvajra, with a body the colour of purified gold, three faces and six hands. The main face is yellow, the right blue and the left white. The first two hands embrace the Mother. The lower right hands hold a sword and arrow, and the lower left an utpala [flower] and bow; wearing jewel ornaments and having the thirty-two major and eighty minor marks; seated with the legs in the vajra posture. In the lap is the Mother Manjuvajra with three faces and six hands, with the colour, hand objects and embrace, the same as that of the Father. Both are resting in a state of union and emanating forth rays of light." (Written by Jamyang Khyentse Wangchug, 1524-1568 reference).

At the top center is an Indian scholar wearing the attire of a monk, a pandita hat, and holding a book. At the left side is Sakya Pandita Kunga Gyaltsen Pal Zangpo, with the hands in the Dharma teaching gesture, and on the right side of the composition is likely to be Chogyal Pagpa.

At the bottom left side is a standing, dancing, figure of Brahmarupa Mahakala, light blue in colour with long hair and a beard. On the right side is the seated figure of Vaishravana Riding a Lion, dressed as a king and holding a victory banner parasol.

Lineage of Teachers: Manjuvajra, Buddha Jnanapada, Shri Deva, Vimala Gupta, the two Rinchens, Risul Yogini, Nyen Lotsawa Chogyan, the Five Masters, Dampa Kunga Drag, Tashi Pal, Kunga Sonam Shap, Do Pal Kirti Shri Khanpa, Sazang Kupon, Ngorchen, Muchen, Gyaltsap Kunkhyen Je, Ratnavardha, Konchog Lhundrub, Sanggye Sengge, Namka Pal Zangpo, Chog Leg Khupon, Sempa Chenpo Kyenrab Tendzin Zang, Drowa Sempa Chenpo Kyenrab Tendzin Zang, Drowai Lama Kyenrab Champai Pal, etc.

Jeff Watt 6-2005

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