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Item: Maitreya (Bodhisattva & Buddhist Deity) - Bodhisattva

རྒྱལ་བ་བྱམས་པ། 弥勒佛
(item no. 1111)
Origin Location China
Date Range 1600 - 1699
Lineages Buddhist
Size 142.24x75.57cm (56x29.75in)
Material Ground Mineral Pigment on Cotton
Collection Rubin Museum of Art
Catalogue # acc. #P1996.6.6
Notes about the Central Figure

Classification: Deity

Appearance: Peaceful

Gender: Male

Interpretation / Description

Maitreya: meeting with Sudhana (lower left side) - a narrative from the Gandavyuha Sutra. (See Manjushri from the same set of paintings and a comparison with another painting set depicting arhats. Also see a selection of details comparing the three paintings).

(See a list of the fifty-three teachers that Sudhana met on his journey towards enlightenment).

Jeff Watt, 9-2009

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