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Item: Purba Drugse Chempa (Bon Deity)

ཕུར་པ་འབྲུག་གསས་ཆེམས་པ། བོན་ལྷ། 普巴珠赛庆巴本尊(苯教)
(item no. 200026)
Origin Location Tibet
Date Range 1800 - 1899
Lineages Bon
Material Ground Mineral Pigment, Black Background on Cotton
Collection Rubin Museum of Art
Catalogue # acc.# F1998.3.14
Notes about the Central Figure

Classification: Deity

Interpretation / Description

Purba Drugse Chempa (English: the Peg). From the set of five main tutelary deities of the Father Tantras, Purba represents activity.

Fierce and raging, blue in colour with three faces, the central face is blue, right white and left red. Each face has three round glaring eyes, a gaping mouth with canine teeth exposed and dark yellow hair flowing upward like flames. The two main hands hold a double swastika scepter and a purba at the heart embracing the consort - maroon in colour with one face and two hands. The remaining hands extend to the sides holding an axe, a symbol of the universe and two purbas. Unfurled behind are green wings with blue tips stretching upward to the sky. The lower body is in the shape of a purba, extending from the mouth of a mythological sea creature (T. chusing), with three blades descending to a single point impaling two figures beneath. Atop a sun disc and multi-coloured lotus blossom and snow lion supported triangular throne he stands completely surrounded by the brightly burning orange flames of pristine awareness.

Accompanied by six retinue figures similar in appearance, with one face and two hands, each holds their own objects. Numerous minor figures twist and swirl between the deities. At the bottom center is the great wrathful female protector Sipai Gyalmo, blue in colour with three faces and six hands, riding atop a mule. At the right side a single faced two-handed protector holds a sword and a bag of disease, riding on a bird. At the left a boar headed protector rides atop a three-headed boar.

The lower foreground is filled with jagged upward thrusting rock outcroppings. Fierce images of wild animals, poisonous insects and charnal ground scenes cover the landscape as birds fill the sky.

Jeff Watt & Lee Hartline 1-2000

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