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Item: Deity

(item no. 30962)
Origin Location Tibet
Lineages Bon
Collection Private
Notes about the Central Figure

Classification: Deity

Interpretation / Description

Nyen Cham Karmo, Yulri: a Mountain Goddess from the region of Gyalrong in Eastern Tibet. The image is of a section of a wall mural in a Bon Temple.

Nyen Cham Karmo is peaceful in appearance, white in colour, with one face and two hands. In the upraised right hand she holds a long-life arrow decorated with a mirror and a ribbon. In the left hand held to the heart is a large golden mirror. She wears ribbons and flowers in the hair, earrings, cloths of many colours and shoes, riding atop a white yak with a blue fringe, adorned with two horns, one black and one white.

(See the similar looking unidentified Buddhist Goddess from a Tashi Lhunpo painting and compare the two side by side).

Jeff Watt 5-2013