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Item: Yamari, Krishna (Buddhist Deity) - Krishna (Black)

གཤིན་རྗེ་གཤེད་ནག། ནག་པོ། 黑威罗瓦金刚
(item no. 31974)
Origin Location Tibet
Lineages Buddhist
Material Stone
Collection Private
Notes about the Central Figure

Classification: Deity

Appearance: Wrathful

Gender: Male

TBRC: W25378

Interpretation / Description

[15] "Krishna Yamari, [one face, two hands]. Krishna Yamari has one face and two hands. The right holds aloft a blue stick marked with a vajra and the left, a wrathful [gesture] together with a lasso held to the heart, with the same ornaments and appearance as before. Standing above a red buffalo in a manner with the left leg extended." (Bari Gyatsa).

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