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Item: Yamari, Rakta (Buddhist Deity)

གཤིན་རྗེ་གཤེད་དམར། དམར་པོ། 红威罗瓦金刚
(item no. 7640)
Origin Location Tibet
Date Range 1500 - 1599
Lineages Buddhist
Material Metal, Mercuric Gild, Precious Stone, Stone Inset: Turquoise
Collection Private
Notes about the Central Figure

Classification: Deity

Interpretation / Description

Rakta Yamari and Vajra Vetali.

"...Bhagavan Krodha Yamari with a body red in colour, one face and two hands. The right hand holds aloft a white stick marked with a fresh yellow head. The left holds a blood filled skullcup embracing the vidya of natural light, a mouth with bared fangs and tongue curled, possessing three round red eyes, yellow mustache, eyebrows and hair flowing upward. Wearing a lower garment of tiger skin, adorned with the eight great nagas and a necklace of half a hundred dripping heads and a crown of five dry skulls, frightful with the resources of a yamari, standing above a red buffalo in a manner with the right leg bent and left straight in the middle of a blazing fire of pristine awareness." (Thartse Panchen Namkha Palzang (1535-1602).

The Principal Indian Lineage: Vajradhara, Manjushri Yamari, Jnanadakini, mahasiddha Virupa, Dombi Heruka, Viratipa, Matigarbha, Gambhiramati, Vajrasana Ashokashri, Nishkalangka Devi, Revendra Prabha, Chag Lotsawa Choje Pal (Tibetan), etc. There were many lineages of Rakta Yamari to enter Tibet and most are traced back to Virupa.

Jeff Watt 10-2020

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