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Item: Pancha Raksha (Buddhist Deity)

སྲུང་མ་རྣམ་ལྔ་། ནང་ལྷ། 五部护法(佛教护法)
(item no. 7740)
Origin Location Tibet
Date Range 1400 - 1499
Lineages Buddhist
Material Metal, Painted Face/Hair
Collection Private
Notes about the Central Figure

Classification: Deity

Interpretation / Description

[65] Maha Sitavati [Pancha Raksha]. Maha Sitavati, [with] a body red in colour, one face and four hands. [The two] right hold a garland and [gesture of] supreme generosity. The left, a hook and a book held to the heart. [Having garments and adornments] the same as the others.

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