Buddhist Paintings of Buryatia
The Buryat Historical Museum
Published by The Corporate Body of the Buddha Educational Foundation, Taipei, 1996

(ISBN 5-85486-001-5)

Each of the objects pictured in the publication have been cataloged in the database. The publication's cover appears as a placeholder image when a digital image of the object is not yet available.

Object List:

Shakyamuni Buddha (painting, p.21)
Tsongkapa (painting, p.23)
Tsongkapa (painting, p.25)
Tsongkapa (painting, p.27)
Tsongkapa (painting, p.29)
Tsongkapa (painting, p.31)
Tsongkapa (painting, p.33)
Gelugpa Refuge Field (painting, p.35)
Milarepa (painting, p.37)
Gelugpa Lama (unidentified) (painting, p.39)
Gelugpa Lama (unidentified) (painting, p.41)
Guhyasamaja Akshobhyavajra (painting, p.43)
Vajrabhairava with consort (painting, p.45)
Vajrabhairava without consort (painting, p.47)
Chakrasamvara (painting, p.49)
Chakrasamvara (painting, p.51)
Vajrapani (painting, p.53)
Vajrapani (painting, p.55)
Garuda, Sabala (painting, p.57)
Amitayus (painting, p.59)
Manjushri (painting, p.61)
Manjushri (painting, p.63)
Shakyamuni Buddha (painting, p.65)
Shakyamuni Buddha (painting, p.67)
Shakyamuni Buddha (painting, p.69)
Shakyamuni Buddha (painting, p.71)
Shakyamuni Buddha with 35 Buddhas of Confession (painting, p.73)
Shakyamuni Buddha with 35 Buddhas of Confession (painting, p.75)
Amitabha (painting, p.77)
Amitabha (painting, p.79)
Akshobhya (painting, p.81)
Akshobhya (painting, p.83)
Akshobhya (painting, p.85)
Medicine buddha (painting, p.87)
Maitreya (painting, p.89)
Maitreya (painting, p.91)
Maitreya (painting, p.93)
Prajnaparamita Yellow four hands (painting, p.95)
White Tara (painting, p.97)
White Tara (painting, p.99)
White Tara (painting, p.101)
Green Tara (painting, p.103)
Green Tara (painting, p.105)
Ushnishavijaya (painting, p.107)
Machig Labdron (painting, p.109)
Machig Labdron (painting, p.111)
Vajrayogini (painting, p.113)
Vajrayogini (painting, p.115)
Arhat (unidentified) (painting, p.117)
Arhat Rahula (painting, p.119)
Mahakala (6 hands) (painting, p.121)
Mahakala (6 hands) (painting, p.123)
Mahakala (6 hands) White (painting, p.125)
Shri Devi Magzor Gyalmo (painting, p.127)
Shri Devi Magzor Gyalmo (painting, p.129)
Yama Dharmaraja (painting, p.131)
Yama Dharmaraja, Secret (painting, p.133)
Yama Dharmaraja (painting, p.135)
Vaishravana, Riding a Lion (painting, p.137)
Vaishravana, Riding a Lion, Yantra (painting, p.139)
Yellow Jambhala (painting, p.141)
Shanglon Worldy Protector (painting, p.143)
Pehar, Activity (painting, p.145)
Srogdzin (painting, p.147)
Ling Gesar (painting, p.149)
    detail (painting, p.151)
Chinese Long Life Deity (painting, p.153)
Sage of long life (painting, p.155)
Mandala Vajrabhairava with Consort (painting, p.157)
Mandala (unidentified) (painting, p.159)
Mandala Vajrabhairava with Consort (painting, p.161)
Mahavairochana Mandala (painting, p.163)
Medicine Buddha Mandala (backwards) (painting, p.165)
Wheel of Life (painting, p.167)
    detail (painting, p.169)
Wheel of Life (painting, p.171)
Wheel of Life (painting, p.173)
Offerings, Paintings, Peaceful (painting, p.175)
    detail (painting, p.177)
Tashi Lungpo Landscape (painting, p.179)
Jataka Story (painting, p.181)
Tsongkapa (textile, p.185)
Avalokiteshvara Chaturbhuja (Textile, p.187)
Amitayus (textile, p.189)
Amitayus (textile, p.191)
Hayagriva (textile, p.193)
Deity (unidentified) (textile, p.195)
Ushnishavijaya (textile, p.197)
White Tara (textile, p.199)
Vaishravana, Riding a Lion (textile, p.201)