Q: I have a painting (sculpture) from the Himalayas and I can't identify the subject. Can you help?

A: If you send us a digitized image we will try our best to identify the subject and direct you to similar artworks on the web site.

Q: Can you tell me the value of my artwork?

A: We cannot appraise or date any artwork. Please contact The American Society of Appraisers within the USA, or any reputable appraisal service.

Q:  Do you buy or sell art?

A: No! We do not buy or sell any art. The Himalayan Art Website is an educational resource and research archive wholly funded by the Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation and is registered as a not for profit 501 (c) (3) organization in the United States.

Q:  Why can I not view some of the images on your site?

A: While normal web pages run on port 80 of a web server (a port being a numeric doorway to a server, generally indicating the type of data to be viewed), our image server runs on port 8087. Normally this is not a problem, but some organizations block access because it is not a standard for normal Internet browsing. Please contact your network administrator to request access to port 8087 of our site.

Q:  What system of romanization is used for Sanskrit and Tibetan words?

A: Please see the Romanization Key: A Note on the Romanization of Sanskrit and Tibetan Language - romanization.pdf. Text formatted for Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Q: Why are there such differences in image quality between the various collections?

A: Some collections have been scanned from large 8x10 film transparencies; images from other collections were created with low resolution digital cameras and some were scanned from slide film. This has created inconsistencies of image quality among the various collections.

Q: I would like to use an image from the archive for publication purposes. Who do I contact?

A: The Rights & Reproductions department for each museum, foundation, institution or society must be approached to obtain permission to use an image for any purpose. See the Partners & Participants page for individual web sites and contact information.

Requests to use images from any of the private collections should be directed to info@himalayanart.org and they will be forwarded to the appropriate collection.