Pearls of the Orient
Asian Treasures from the Wellcome Library
The Wellcome Trust
Edited by Nigel Allan
Serindia Publications, Chicago

Each of the objects pictured in the publication have been cataloged in the database. The publication's cover appears as a placeholder image when a digital image of the object is not yet available.

Object List:

Brahma (p.160)
Vajrabhairava (p.164)
Panjarnatha (p.164)
Jnananatha (p.166)
Yama Dharmaraja (p.167)
Begtse (p.167)
Ramati Sridevi (p.168)
Putra Ming-sing-sum (p.168)
Kubera (p.169)
Pehar (p.170)
Machik Palden Lhamo (p.171)
Cimara (p.173)
Dorje Dragmogyel (p.173)
Vajrasadhu (p.175)
Dorje Kongtsun Demo (p.175)