The Lharig, Khon and Sakya Family Lineage
The Early Lineage of the Khon Family and Sakya Throne Holders

Lharig - Heavenly Race:

1.  Chiring (later to reascend to the heavens), the first of the Lharig Family.
2.  Yuse, he had four sons known as the Four Brothers of Sechili.
3.  Yuring, ascended to heaven and returned, married a Mu spirit and had seven      sons.
4.  Masang Chije, a leader of humans, he had one son.
5.  Togsa Pawo Tag, married a Naga girl and had one son.
6.  Tagpo Ochen, he had one son.
7.  Yapang Kye, he fought with the Yaksha demons and married a Yaksha girl, he had      one son.

The Khon Family ('born amidst quarreling'):

8.  Khon Bar Kye, the beginning of the Khon Family name, he had one son.
9.  Khon Jekundag, the Home Minister to King Trisong Detsen, a student of      Padmasambhava, he had two sons.
10. The first son, Khon Lui Wangpo Sungwa, one of the first seven Tibetans to      receive monastic ordination from Shantirakshita.
11. The second son, Khon Dorje Rinchen had seven sons.
12. The sixth son, Sherab Yontan had two sons and lived in Yerlung near Sakya.
13. Khon Yontan Jungne, he had three sons.
14. Khon Tsugtor Sherab, he had seven sons.
15. Khon Gekyab, he had two sons.
16. Khon Getong, he had one son.
17. Khon Balpo, he had one son.
18. Khon Shakya Lodro, he had two sons.
19. The elder - Sherab Tsultrim.

The Sakya Lineage:

20. (Sakya Tridzin 1) The younger brother - Khon Konchog Gyalpo (1034-1102),      [p3730] the 1st Sakya Tridzin. He secured the land of Sakya and established the      first Temple-hermitage. He had one son.
21. (ST-2) Bari Lotsawa Rinchen Drag (1103-1111) a translator from Kham acted as      the second Sakya Tridzin and tutor to the young Kunga Nyingpo.
22. (ST-3) Sachen (Sakyapa Chenpo) Kunga Nyingpo (1092-1158), [p1615] he had      four sons; Kunga Bar - he passed away while studying in India, Sonam Tsemo,      Dragpa  Gyaltsen, and Palchen Wopa the father of Sakya Pandita.
12. (ST-4) Lobpon Sonam Tsemo (1142-1182).
13. (ST-5) Jetsun Dragpa Gyaltsen (1147-1216).
14. (ST-6) Sakya Pandita Kunga Gyaltsen (1182-1251).
15. (ST-7) Chogyal Pagpa Lodro Gyaltsen (1235-1280). He ruled for two years and      then went to China for nine years - returned and ruled for another five years and      again returned to China.
16. (ST-8) Rinchen Gyaltsen, ruled from 1249-1258 while Chogyal Pagpa was away.
17. (ST-9) Dharmapala Rakshita.
18. (ST-10) Sharpa Jamyang Chenpo (of the Sharchen Ludingpa Family) ruled from      1263-1270.
19. (ST-11) Zangpo Pal, from him arose the four early Lhabrangs (Ruling Houses) of      Sakya, from 1280-1307, he had fourteen children.
20. (ST-12) Khetsun Namkha Legpa of the Zhitog Lhabrang, from 1307-1326,
21. (ST-13) Jamyang Donyo Gyaltsen of the Rinchen Gang Lhabrang, from
22. (ST-14) Lama Dampa Sonam Gyaltsen (1312-1375) of the Rinchen Gang      Lhabrang, from 1345-1375.
23. (ST-15) Tawen Lodro Gyaltsen of the Lhakang Lhabrang, from 1375-1393.
24. (ST-16) Tawen Kunga Rinchen of the Zhitog Lhabrang.
25. (ST-17) Kushri Lodro Gyaltsen of the Zhitog Lhabrang.
26. (ST-18) Jamyang Namkha Gyaltsen of the Rinchen Gang Lhabrang.
27. (ST-19) Kunga Wangchug of the Zhitog Lhabrang.
28. (ST-20) Jagar Sherab Gyaltsen of the Rinchen Gang Lhabrang.
29. (ST-21) Dagchen Lodro Gyaltsen of the Rinchen Gang Lhabrang.
30. (ST-22) Sakya Lotsawa Kunga Sonam of the Ducho Lhabrang, from this time only the Ducho Lhabrang remained.
31. (ST-23) Ngagchang Kunga Rinchen (1517-1584).
32. (ST-24) Jamyang Sonam Wangpo (1559-1621).
33. (ST-25) Dagpa Lodro (1563-1617).
34. (ST-26) Kunga Wangyal.
35. (ST-27) Jamgon Ameshab Ngagwang Kunga Sonam (1597-1659).
36. (ST-28) Sonam Wangchug.
37. (ST-29) Kunga Tashi (1656-1711).
38. (ST-30) Sonam Rinchen (1705-1741).
39. (ST-31) Sachen Kunga Lodro (1729-1783).
40. (ST-32) Jamgon Wangdu Nyingpo, he had two sons.
41. (ST-33) Pema Dudul Wangchug (1792-1853), he started the Drolma Podrang      (Palace).
42. (ST-34) Dorje Rinchen, considered part of the Phuntsog Podrang (Palace).
43. (ST-35) Tashi Rinchen (1823-1865), Drolma Podrang.
44. (ST-36) Kunga Sonam, Phuntsog Podrang.
45. (ST-37) Kunga Nyingpo, Drolma Podrang.
46. (ST-38) Dzamling Chegu Wangdu, Phuntog Podrang.
47. (ST-39) Dragshul Tinley Rinchen (1871-1936), Drolma Podrang.
48. (ST-40) Ngagwang Tutob Wangchug, Phuntsog Podrang.
49. (ST-41) Ngagwang Kunga (b.1945), Drolma Podrang.