Splendor of Yongle Painting
Portraits of Nine Luohan
Jean-Marie Simonet
Gisèle Croës, Arts D'Extrême-Orient, Brussels, Belgium

(ISBN 90-5349-383-2)

Each of the objects pictured in the publication have been cataloged in the database. The publication's cover appears as a placeholder image when a digital image of the object is not yet available.

Object List:

Angaja (painting, p.13)
Vajraputra (painting, p.19)
Kalika (painting, p.25)
Vanivasa (painting, p.29)
Portrait of Nakula (painting, p.35)
Ajita (painting, p.41)
Chudapanthaka (painting, p.51)
Portrait of Kanakavatsa (painting, p.57)
Rahula (painting, p.63)