Tibetan and Mongolian Buddhist Painted Scrolls
by Béla Kelényi and Judit Vinkovics
Ferenc Hopp Museum of Eastern Asiatic Arts
Budapest, 1995
(ISBN 963-7098-48-8)

Each of the objects pictured in the publication have been cataloged in the database. The publication's cover appears as a placeholder image when a digital image of the object is not yet available.

Object List:

Green Tara (painting, p.21)
Tantric Practitioner (painting, p.36)
Tsongkapa, Gelugpa Refuge Field (painting, p.37)
Vajrasattva with Consort (painting, p.49)
Amoghasiddhi, Buddha (painting, p.51)
Amitayus, Buddha (painting, p.53)
Amitabha in Sukhavati (painting, p.54)
Green Tara and 21 Taras of Suryagupta (painting, p.57)
White Tara (painting, p.59)
White Tara (painting, p.61)
Sarasvati, White (painting, p.63)
Ushnishavijaya (painting, p.64)
Guhyasamaja Akshobhyavajra (painting, p.67)
Chakrasamvara (painting, p.69)
Mahakala, Panjarnata (painting, p.71)
Vajrabhairava with Consort (painting, p.71)
Begtse Chen, Protector (painting, p.77)
Dorje Legpa, Protector (painting, p.79)
Simhamukha (Bari Lineage) (painting, p.81)
Chakrasamvara Mandala (painting, p.83)
Hevajra Mandala (painting, p.85)
Kalachakra Mandala (painting, p.87)
Vajrayogini (painting, p.90)