Himalayan Art Resources

Contents: Topic Outlines

Topic Outlines by Subject

Arhats (The Sixteen Great Arhats, Sets, and Related Topics)
Arhat Painting Sets (Arranged by Number of figures Per Painting Composition)
Avalokiteshvara (The Forms of the Deity)
Beijing (Himalayan Art in the City of Beijing, China)
Bhutan (The Kingdom of Bhutan between Tibet and India)
Bodhisattva (An Important Subject Catagory in Himalayan Art)
Bon Religion (An Indigenous Religion of the Himalayas & Tibet)
Bon Art Topics
Bon Deities (A Survey of the Principal Deities)
Buddhas, Who Are They? (A Survey of All Buddha Figures)
Composition in Painting (Descriptions and Examples of Composition)
Dalai Lama of Tibet (Definition, Paintings Sets, Related Topics)
Ganapati/Ganesha (Elephant Headed God)
Gelugpa Buddhist Tradition (A Religious Tradition of Tibet)
Hevajra Tantra & Related Subjects (The deity, consort & text)
Hindu Religion (Religious Traditions & Subjects)
Hindu Gods (Gods, Goddesses & Minor Figures)
Iconography: Source Texts
Iconography: Deities & Subjects
Incarnation Lineage Paintings (Single Paintings and Sets)
Jambhala (Buddhist Wealth Deity)
Kagyu, Marpa Tradition (An organizational chart of the subsequent schools)
Kalachakra: The Wheel of Time (The Deity, Teachers & Shambhala)
Karmapa (The incarnation lineage)
Lhasa (Temples & Architecture in Lhasa, Tibet)
Life-story Painting Sets (Painting Sets & Single Paintings)
Mahakala (The Great Black One, Principal Protector Deity of Tantric Buddhism)
Mahasiddha (Indian Adepts belonging to the Tantric Tradition)
Manjushri (The Forms of the Deity)
Manjushri Tantra Sets (Organized by Tantra Classification)
Medicine & Tantric Healing (The Art of Medicine & Esoteric Healing)
Milarepa (Poet Saint of Tibet)
Murals (Temple Wall Paintings)
Nepal (The Kingdom of Nepal)
Padmasambhava (One of the Founders of Buddhism in the Himalayas and Tibet)
Painting Ground Colour (The Black, Red and Gold Grounds Found in Himalayan Painting)
Painting Sets (An Inventory of the most Common Painting Sets)
Painting Styles in Tibetan Art (Most of the common painting styles)
Panchen Lama (Definition, Painting Sets, Related Topics)
Prayer Flags (Tibetan prayer flags of all types, Bon, Buddhist, lungta and deities)
Protectors, Buddhist (The Enlightened Protectors, Mahakala, Shri Devi, etc.)
Religious Traditions of Tibet (All of the Major Traditions)
Sakya Buddhist Tradition (A Religious Tradition of Tibet)
Sculpture (Metal, Wood, Ivory, Clay, Ritual Objects)
Shakyamuni Buddha (Founder of the Buddhist Religion)
Shangpa Kagyu Buddhist Tradition (Founded by Kedrub Kyungpo Naljor)
Situ Panchen Chokyi Jungne (Painting sets thought to have been designed by the artist)
Stupa (the art and architecture of the Buddhist stupa)
Symbols (Common Buddhist symbol sets)
Tangka (Scroll Paintings and Textiles)
Tara (Principal Female Deity of Tantric Buddhism)
Textiles (Applique, Embroidery and Weaving)
Tsongkapa (Founder of the Gelugpa Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism)
Vajrakila (Buddhist Meditational Deity)
Vajrayogini (Buddhist Meditational Deity)
Vasudhara (Buddhist Goddess of Wealth)
Wealth Deities (Buddhist Wealth Deities)