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Arya Janguli (Tib.: pag pa dug sel ma).

Subjects, Topics & Types:
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- White, one face, two hands
- White, one face, four hands
- Green, one face, four hands
- Yellow, three faces, six hands
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- Confusions: Parnashavari
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"Goddess Janguli, white in colour with one face and two hands. The main two hands play a lute. The lower right [performs the gesture] of generosity completely removing fear. The lower left holds a white snake. In the hair is a white ribbon. Wearing a white upper garment, adorned with white ornaments and white snakes." (Thartse Panchen Namka Chime, 1756-1820).

"Arya Janguli with a body green in colour, one face and four hands. The right two [hold] a trident and peacock feathers. The left two [hold] a snake and extended in a [gesture] of fearlessness. Seven snake heads hover above; together with snake necklaces, earrings, etc. Seated in sattvasana posture." (Thartse Panchen Namka Chime, 1756-1820).

[50] "Arya Janguli, yellow, with three faces. Having a hood of seven snake heads. [Each face] possessing three eyes and the faces [both] smiling and fierce. The six right hands hold, a vajra, sword and an arrow in a dancing manner. The left, a wrathful [gesture] together with a lasso, a blue poisonous flower and a bow. Adorned with flowers and snakes. Standing in a dancing manner." (Konchog Lhundrub, 1497-1557).

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