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Painting Set: Sakya Gold Ground (Series)

Painting Set: Sakya Gold Ground | Menri Painting Tradition

These compositions appear to be from the same workshop and possibly the same series. They are collectively not a set because there is no relationship in subject. These are rare examples of the original Menri style of the 16th century, circa 1533 based on the painting of Sakya Lotsawa Jampai Dorje 1485-1533. All four compositions appear to belong to the Sakya Tradition.

On the reverse of the Hevajra (HAR #90919) and the Sakya Lotsawa (HAR #89148) compositions are inscriptions written in Lantsa script. The outside border is not the same in pattern but clearly similar in style and technique. The Amitabha Buddha reverse inscription is written in Tibetan script.

The Amitabha and Lokeshvara look as though they belong to the same set as does the Hevajra and Jampai Dorje belonging to another set. The line drawing and decorations between the Jampai Dorje and Lokeshvara definitely link them as being from the same workshop or even the same artists.

Four Compositions:
- Hevajra
- Sakya Lotsawa Jampai Dorje (circa 1533)
- Chaturbhuja lokeshvara
- Amitabha Buddha
- Others...

Jeff Watt 12-2017 [updated 12-2018]