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Tibetan: Namkai Nyingpo (nam mkha'i snying po)

Akashagarbha, also shortened to Kagarbha, is counted as one of the Eight Great Bodhisattvas. His name means 'nucleus of space' and he is associated with wisdom and knowledge similar to Manjushri. Akashagarbha and Manjushri also share the same sword attribute. He is always depicted in a peaceful (bodhisattva, deva) appearance and either blue or green in colour. (See Rinjung, folio 506).

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Jeff Watt 4-2015 [updated 3-2019]

84000: Translating the Words of the Buddha:

Toh 260. The Ākāśagarbha Sūtra. Ākāśa­garbha­sūtra, ’phags pa nam mkha’i snying po zhes bya ba theg pa chen po’i mdo.

Toh 636/876. The Incantation of the One Hundred and Eight Names of Khagarbha [The bodhisattva Khagarbha = kāśagarbha]. ནམ་མཁའི་སྙིང་པོའི་མཚན་བརྒྱ་རྩ་བརྒྱད་པའི་གཟུངས་སྔགས། · nam mkha'i snying po'i mtshan brgya rtsa brgyad pa'i gzungs sngags. khagarbhāṣṭottara­śatakanāma dhāraṇīmantrasahitam. [7 pages].

Toh 865. [Untitled Dhāraṇī of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas]. [1 page].