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Buddhist Protector: Shingkyong Yab-Yum (& Bamro Yab-Yum)

Shingkyong | Bernagchen Mahakala

Subjects, Topics & Types:
- Shingkyong Description
- Shingkyong Yab
- Shingkyong Yum
- Bamro Yab-yum
- Bernagchen Mahakala
- Chaturbhuja Mahakala: HAR #3313680.
- Shri Devi Rangjung Gyalmo
- Monkey Imagery
- Masterworks
- Confusions
- Others...

Shingkyong (Yab) is a male protector deity, wrathful in appearance, blue in colour, with a lion face. He wears a heavy black cloak and rides a black horse; often depicted with his consort companion Shingkyong Yum. They have two monkey attendant figures that stand on their hands and hold wrathful red triangular 'torma' with their feet.

Shingkyong Yab-yum are retinue figures in the entourage of Bernagchen Mahakala and sometimes depicted with Shri Devi Rangjung Gyalmo and consort Bernagchen, and in one instance with Chaturbhuja Mahakala.

Jeff Watt [updated 9-2017]