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Avalokiteshvara, Chaturbhuja (Tibetan: chen re zi, chag shi pa. English: the All Seeing Lord with Four Hands). There are several forms of Lokeshvara with four hands but the earliest and most famous is the Three Deity Chaturbhuja originating in the Karandavyuha Sutra, also famous for the first use of the six syllable mantra - om mani padme hum.

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Jeff Watt 3-2007 [updated 9-2014, 8-2017, 2-2020]

Toh 116. The Basket’s Display. ཟ་མ་ཏོག་བཀོད་པ། · za ma tog bkod pa. Kāraṇḍa­vyūha. (Selected verses).