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Buddhist Deity: Ekajati (Nyingma)

Ekajati Iconography

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- Yutog Nyingtig Ekajati (riding a horse)
- Drigung Tradition Ekajati (one leg): HAR #413
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The Nyingma form of the Indian Buddhist deity Ekajati is easily recognized by the one eye in the middle of the forehead. She is often depicted with only one breast and sometimes only one leg. This one-eyed form of Ekajati is unique to Tibetan Buddhism and the Nyingma 'Treasure' (Terma) tradition and is not found in Indian Tantric Buddhism.

In the Nyingma Tradition Ekajati is the principal protector for the 'Revealed Treasure' Traditions. She manifests in numerous forms, both as a standard wrathful figure, black, with one face and two arms and appearing in her more famous guise with only one eye, one tooth, and one breast, sometimes even with only one leg as in the Drigung Kagyu Treasure Tradition (see detail lower left).

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