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Painting Set: Indian Adepts (Dzaya Pandita)

Ganden Library | Ganden Monastery

Subjects, Topics & Types:
- Mahasiddha Set (Ganden Library) Description (below)
- Khazi Lhazo
- Ford Set
- Prajnaparamita Set
- Others...

This set of paintings was discovered hidden at the monastery of Zayain Khuree home to the incarnation lineage of Dzaya Pandita a contemporary of Zanabazar. They are now housed in the library of Ganden Monastery in Ulan Bator.

The iconographic depictions of the Ford Set, attributed to the artist Khazi Lhazo (circa 1820) are very possibly the basis for the Prajnaparamita set and the Dzaya Pandita set of paintings. For another painting in a similar Eastern Tibetan style see HAR #65496.

Jeff Watt [4-2019]