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As both an instructional tool and auspicious talisman the stylized astrological chart brings good fortune to all those who see, display or possess it. The Sidpaho painting is a collection of astrological, calendar and primary element symbols. The central image is of a yellow tortoise - emanation of the bodhisattva Manjushri, lying on the back with the head to the top and the four limbs extended holding green squares in the claws. In the center of the round flat belly is a circle of nine variously coloured squares containing the 9 magic numbers (Tib.: me wa gu). Surrounding, on a black wheel against an orange background are the 8 trigrams (Tib.: par kha ge) of Chinese origin. The outer circle contains the 12 animal figures of the 60 Year Cycle; surrounded by the outer edge of tortoise shell. At both sides the symbols of the planets are used to represent the days of the week; sun, moon, eye, hand, arrow, kila, sheaf and the head of a bird representing Rahu (eclipse).

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