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Publication: Nartang Image Set (Zurich)

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The Nartang Gyatsa is a popular compendium of initiation and deity yoga practices. It is believed to be a compilation composed by Chim Namkha Drag (1210-1285) based on the common initiation practices taught by Jowo Atisha. Like the Bari Gyatsa of Bari Lotsawa Rinchen Drag, the Nartang Gyatsa appears to be a shortened and condensed version of the Sadhanamala, a text containing several hundred deity descriptions. Both the earlier Bari Gyatsa and the Nartang appear to be shortened versions with a hand picked selection of preferred deity practices.

There is an original version of the text by Chim Namkha Drag and then there are many edited versions with slight re-arrangements in the order of subjects and deities.

Jeff Watt 12-2013