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Contents: Shambhala Kings - Names List

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Seven Dharma Kings of Shambhala

1. Suchandra, holding a vajra and bell
2. Sureshvara (1), hook and lasso
3. Teji, a conch shell with both hands
4. Somadatta, staff and chain lasso
5. Sureshvara (2), arrow and bow
6. Vishvamurti, hammer and book
7. Sureshana, sword and shield

Twenty-five Vidyadhara Kings

1. Yashas, sword and book
2. Pundarika, two lotuses
3. Bhadra, wheel and conch
4. Vijaya, hook and lasso
5. Sumitra, arrow in the right & bow & flower in the left
6. Raktapani, vajra and bell
7. Vishnugupta, trident and mala
8. Arkakirti, curved knife and skullcup
9. Subhadra, sword and shield
10. Samudravijaya, axe and head
11. Raja, staff and chain
12. Surya, hand drum and jewel
13. Vishvarupa, hook and lasso
14. Shashiprabha, wheel and conch
15. Ananta, hammer and flower
16. Mahipala, curved knife and skullcup
17. Shripala, sword and trident
18. Hari, vajra and bell
19. Vikrama, staff and chain
20. Mahabala, hand drum and jewels
21. Aniruddha, hook and lasso
22. Narasimha, wheel and conch
23. Maheshvara, sword and shield
24. Anantavijaya, vajra and bell
25. Rudrachakri, spear and shield

(This list of names is from the Kalachakra website of Edward Henning).